Art sporadically

August 16, 2006

I had gone to a job training a few days back and during one of the breaks I was looking at a painting. I am not even sure if it was a real painting or a poster of the painting. I dont even know who the artist was. It was just a simple painting of an english couple boating in a lake with waning sun in the background. It just struck me.

 I started looking closely and I could see how much time was invested in it. I started taking note of the little details the painter has incorporated in it. The small things like the reflection of the boat and people in the water. The waves created in the lake and the reflection of the boat and people showing up on the crest of the waves. The faces were not clear, but the painter with a few strokes of brush could make them look as english man and woman.

The amazing thing about painters I feel is the hand – brain co-ordination. The control of brain over the hand, telling exactly how to draw/paint things. Also important is the vision or imagination. If you compare the painting process to a movie, the imagination plays a director role and the hands play the actors’.

 Anyways, after having this visions of art, I was looking at some of the works of a very famous painter Salvador Dali mentioned by one of my friend who is interested in these things. Its pretty amazing to see the kind of paintings he has done. You can check out some of his stuff here:

 The most eye catching thing in his paintings is his imagination and his usage of light. His paintings are very bright and he has used very bright colors, which I havent usually notice. Also, his paintings are very clean, the ones which I have seen. And the biggest thing I can attribute to him is his imagination to view otherwise solid objects as fluid and paint them as fluid. Look at the time pieces and if you take our all the solidness out of it, how would they look and what would they represent.

 Anyways, so much for the first one.

Hello world!

August 16, 2006

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